Sonic Switch Charger

Sonic Switch Charger

Sonic Switch Charger :- a new breakthrough in the field of technology, the nasty thing thing about the any phone wheter it be a smartphone or it be a iPhone the battery drain is the first among the all. There are several hardware up-gradation done and some still in the process, the new versions of Android and iPhone has a set of new algorithm to divide the load of the processor so it conserve less power.

After from that it is quite boring to stick to a particular spot because you phone is on in charging mood but a new invention is the Sonic Switch comes with a legendary special switch which can control your cable. Confused?

Sonic Switch Charger

Sonic Switch Charger

Well yes, you read it right, the special switch can help you control your cable. Lets me explain you in better way if you switch off the Sonic Switch off it will work as the normal charger cable where you can charge and sync your phone at the same time but if you want to charger your phone two times faster just switch on the Sonic Switch it will kill the syncing facility and will provide you are more charging power.

The invention is simple as that and company has claimed it will charge your phone two times faster all I am afraid is if it will affect to the battery of the phone. Are the phone designed to take that much load?

The new accessory will available in March and the best part is the its Goal of $10,000 has already been surpassed. Feel free to study about this on there official website. You can get a heads up by placing a pre-order for $27 with additional $6 for international shipping which will get a 1 SonicCable for 25% less.

That would all  for this new invention we will keep you updated thank you.

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