HTC’s 7-inch tablet to have quad-core CPU


HTC’s 7-inch tablet to have quad-core CPU

HTC's 7-inch tablet to have quad-core CPU

Few days a back, rumors reveals that HTC was preparing a low-end tablet and bringing to the market. After producing the Nexus 9, the company was expected to introduce other models, but that hasn’t happened yet. However, it appears that HTC’s low-end  HTC’s 7-inch tablet to have quad-core CPU tablet will actually become a reality now. Today, we bring you word that the slate has been spotted on the Indian import/export website Zauba, which reveals a few of the device’s specifications. The HTC tablet that was shipped in India comes with a name tag of H7 and comes with a 7-inch display and a 1.2 GHz quad-core processor fitted with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of native storage.

HTC’s 7-inch tablet to have quad-core CPU also has SIM slots in tablets are still quite rare in the budget segment, but dual-SIM compatibility is a popular feature in Eastern markets, which fits with the Indian source of the information Cellular connectivity is still uncommon among cheap tablets.

HTC’s 7-inch tablet to have quad-core CPU is revealed to offer dual SIM slots, which is a bit of an off feature for tablets. The slate will probably run Android Lollipop out of the box.Nothing about the HTC H7 sounds particularly impressive, but at $150 it could still be a pretty great offer. Even so, we’re a little bit worry how well the device will function with just 1GB of RAM. Maybe this isn’t the final specifications. In future we can hear the news of its upgraded specifications In that case, we may not have to wait much longer for an official look at the alleged HTC H7, and we’ll be keeping our eagle eyes over it  for any more info.

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