Intex Cloud Fx Specifications

Intex Cloud Fx Specifications

Intex Cloud Fx Specifications; Intex company launched its new phone named cloud fx which was launched in the market with a complete different features and cheapest price. The smart phone was made by peeping into the market scenario and by pushing itself into the latest trend in the smart phone industry. Intex is already known for its bright 16 million color phone display and more over for its HD and sharp images clicked from the camera either front or rear snapper.The main attraction in Intex Cloud Fx Specifications is its display and a really new unique feature named Firefox operating system by mozilla company. Yes you heard it write. This phone works on the operating system by mozilla company, the same firefox which is already present in our laptops. This phone crowned as the “new era of the market in india”, cheapest phone with a different operating system and also the full touch phone which everybody wishes to have one in his or her pocket. To have a closer insight in the smartphone, let us jump to Intex Cloud Fx Specifications.

Specifications: This phone has everything at low content. Look at these features and you will be thankful to techiepocket for showing you the mirror image of inside and outside this phone. The Intex Cloud Fx ahs the disadvantage or drawback as it contains just 3.5inch display screen which is very small in size actually when we work on it as the bulky borders are also included in the 3.5 inches. It has just 1 GHz processor which we call it as dual core processor. It works on the firefox operating system and has nothing to do with the android operating system. Although it can share files and images with the android operating mobile phones but mostly the each and every app has its no link with the android system. Another demerit of Intex Cloud Fx Specifications is its RAM, it has just 128MB RAM which is very low  and 68MB of internal storage which is also very very low and expandability is also not reachable upto the 8 GB also.It has 2megapixel rear camera and has no front camera. We think off about the selfies, how will we click selfies by this phone which is front camera less. Intex Cloud Fx has the only advantage or merit has a battery capacity of 1250 mAh and when we look at its price then it is the best phone in its price range.

Intex Cloud Fx Specifications


Intex Cloud Fx Specifications

 Hardware  Specs
 Model  Intex Cloud Fx
 Operating System  Firefox OS
 Processor  1 Ghz processor
 RAM  128 MB
 Internal Memory  68 MB internal Storage
 Display  3.5-inch display
 Screen Resolution  1080 X  1920 pixels
 Camera  2-megapixel rear only
 Connectivity  Wi-Fi 802.11 and 4.0 v Bluetooth
 Battery  1250 mAh

Key features

  • 3.5 inch display
  • 1 GHz processor
  • firefox operating system
  • 128 MB RAM
  • 68 MB of internal storage
  • 2-megapixel rear camera
  • has no front camera
  • 1250mAh battery mode

Intex Cloud Fx Specifications


Intex Cloud Firefox features a 3.5inch display with IPS technology. It has a bulky display which includes its eye repeller borders. Its screnn size is very small which makes this phone quite small in hands too. But it good for the students who require a smartphone in a price range and a handy phone too.


Intex Cloud has 2 mega pixel rear camera and front camera is not supported in the phone. So we can’t take any selfie from our phone as well as we can’t even click sharp images for ourself too as it doesn’t supports HD pixels. It has just half of it pixels as image resolution.


Thus Intex Fx  is quite slow and has everything low which starts from the RAM which is just 128 MB and you can’t even store any movie for travelling or for a long run. 64 mb of internal storage and external storage which can’t reach upto the 8 GB too is very big disadvantage of Intex Cloud phone. We think why the company launched this phone without giving any externally or internally fitted storage for even storing our memories. It is fitted with the 1250 battery which has a bad backup of not even of a single day.


The phone runs on the mozilla’s firefox operating system which make it a unique phone. The firefox browser which our laptop contains for browsing with internet, this phone has the same operating system. It has nothing to do with the android system. The applications related to the android system can’t work on this phone but we can share our files or images with the android phones.

Intex Cloud Fx Pros and Cons:


  • 128MB RAM
  • 3.5inch display
  • 1GHz processor
  • firefox operating system
  • 128MB RAM
  • 68MB of internal storage
  • 2megapixel rear camera
  • cheapest smartphone


  • no front camera
  • storage too low
  • not HD
  • very slow
  • very bad battery backup
  • bulky bordered display

Intex Cloud Fx Specifications Price:

Intex Cloud Fx is priced at a unbeatable price of  1908 INR only. which means that if we want to gift someone a phone then this is the best phone in this price range and also it is very good to keep as a landline at home with a dual sim. For lower middle class family who requires a feature full phone with attractive looks and better display then they should opt for this phone.

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