Jolla Sailfish Specifications|Price|Overview

Jolla smartphone

Jolla with brand new User Interface and the operating System arrives with  great Jolla Sailfish Specifications in their new smartphone. A brief history about Jolla for those who are unaware Jolla was founded by the former-Nokia Employee with the development of MeeG Os. It is a linux based OS , Nokia N9 runs on that particular OS.

Jolla Sailfish Specifications

Jolla Sailfish Specifications

Display  4 Inch qHD (960 X 450 p)
Processor 1.4 GHz Qualcomm Sanpdragon 400 Dual-Core
Camera 8 MP rear with LED flash2 MP front camera
Connectivity 3G,Wi-Fi , NFC, Bluetooth
Storage 16 GB storage expandable via Mircro Sd
Battery 2100 mAH

Jolla Sailfish :Price

Looking at the  Jolla Sailfish specifications table above the price of the phone might not be the problem because there are may other phone that old UI and same old specifications. The introduction to the new OS and UI will surely is giant step ahead.

Why Should I buy Jolla Sailfish ?

1) The new User Interface

2) Linux Based OS

3) You can run Android Apps too.

4) Some new features had been added like events view tab and many more

5) Affordable price

Drawbacks of Jolla Sailfish ?

1) A new brand (brand matters)

2)Dual Core

3)Storage is confusing me.

4) The whole new OS.

jolla sailfish

Jolla Sailfish Specifications : Overview

Specifications are the most important aspect that we see in a phone so Jolla Sailfish Specifications might not be hard as rock are quite appealing, the concept of all new OS might shake some grounds but Linux based OS had made me curious, been a Computer Science student I can well imagine the power of the Linux. The price tag of the phone might not a problem as there are many other phone which are lower than it. By in India a new brand might not be a problem as there are many user out there.

Jolla smartphone

Jolla Sailfish : Verdict

Personally this new OS had made me curious, I just bought a new phone or i would have really try that phone. What got on my nerves is the LInux. So i will stop beating around the bush and straight away wish all the best to the Jolla Sailfish.

That would be for Jolla Sailfish specifications