LG Aka Specifications

lg aka review

LG Aka specifications :  “Aka No Fun No Phone” this is the tagline for the new LG phone launched a mid ranger phone, this new Android powered has eyes, that is strange and at the same time a unique concept, but not the static eyes those are eyes react at different instant. Regardless the eyes lets have a look at the LG Aka specifications.

LG Aka Eyes

The main aim of introducing aka to the world is fulfill what a every machine lacks that is the emotional touch. In total there are 4 Akas which follow the color scheme of Pacman’s ghosts and have there own name. The names of the Akas are

  1. Eggy (yellow)
  2. Wooky (white)
  3. YoYo (Girly pink)
  4. Soul ( Black)

Regardless the name they have there own characteristics which is the Eggy is the cute one, YoYo has difficulties sticking to its diet, Soul is the music lover just like me and the mean guy is the Wooky. There is some behind the names of them which involves an alien invasion.

The aka eyes react to you and serve with the notifications. For example it gets dizzy when you shake the phone, the eyes look down when take out the phone out of your pocket. The color of the eye also changed indicating different emotions.

lg aka specifications

LG Aka Specifications

 Hardware  Specs
 Model  LG Aka
 Operating System  Android KitKat 4.4
 Processor  1.2 Ghz Quad Core 5
 RAM  1.5 GB
 Internal Memory  16 GB Internal Storage along with 128 GB Expandable on MircoSD card
 Display  5-inch
 Screen Resolution  720 Pixels
 Camera  8-megapixel rear and 2-megapixel front camera
 Connectivity  Wi-Fi 802.11 and 4.0 v Bluetooth, 3G
 Battery  2610 mAh

LG Aka Specifications


As the phone is the mid range phone it comes with the moderate screen size of 5 inch which is similar to many phones that are available in the market.


The new eyed phone is powered with Quad Core Processor clocked at 1.2 GHz with 1.5 GB of RAM, seems like the main attraction in this phone is the eyed rest is similar to many phone in the competition.

Software and Memory

Lg could have introduced the latest version of Android but the version introduced in the device is Android Kitkat 4.4. Having a look at the memory the device support 16 GB onborad include the external 128 GB expandable on MicroSD card.


Lg Aka comes with 8 MP rear camera with LG G3 flagship phone’s laser focusing trick and the front camera of 2 MP that will take care of your selfies.

lg aka review

LG Aka Review

Everyone want’s there phone to be attractive and user friendly just a pair of eye had created a aroma of creativity and love to an eye catching smartphone. The company main goal was give birth to new culture. Well looking at the LG Aka specifications we have came with some of the pros and cons for LG Aka.


  • Memory
  • Camera
  • Screen Size


  • Processor
  • Operating System

LG Aka Verdict

Well there surely something new and attractive which we surely tempt the user to buy it but looking at price which can be a bit of the problem but regardless of that LG Aka specifications are wise and new eyes would do the rest of the job.