LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R: The phone everyone waited for so long has finally come up company recently, announced the release of this phone in early November that is followed by North America and Other territories shortly.LG G Watch R has been announced a price tag of EUR 299. The design is great and has a good looking display thanks for being round. The interface hasn’t overly changed since the launch of Android Wear, and unlike Apple, there’s not been a lot of customisation. Unlike Moto 360, it features full circle display with a small black bar on its bottom so that it could fit an ambient light sensor, it has a snapdragon 400 processor with 1.2 GHz CPU, 4GB storage, 512 MB RAM, 410 mAh battery, 9-axis sensors, heart rate monitor, barometer and 410 mAh battery.

LG G Watch R

LG G Watch R Specifications:

Hardware Specs
Display Full circle
Processor snapdragon 400 processor with 1.2 GHz
RAM 512 MB
Storage 4GB
Battery capacity 410Â mAh

 LG G Watch R Price:

LG G Watch R has been announced a price tag of EUR 299 in north American and is expected to have a price tag of around Rs. 24,000 thus making it the most expensive android watch ever launched.

LG G Watch R


LG G Watch R Overview:

LG G Watch R was announced at IFA in late August. It is LG’s second Smartphone running Android Wear that is coming after Original Square G watch that was introduced earlier this year. Like other smart watches LG G Watch R also has some pros and cons.LG G Watch R has the merit or benefit of Plastic OLED display, a technology first ever seen in LG flex smartphone. LG G Watch R advantage: It is water and dust resistant as it is IP67 certified. After this phone lands in Europe just in weeks ahead it will be available in Google’s Play store. LG G Watch R has a disadvantage of low battery capacity of just 410 mAh.