LG G4 boosted curved display-subtle 3000mm radius


LG G4 boosted curved display-subtle 3000mm radius

LG G4 boosted curved display-subtle 3000mm radius

Those leaks hinting at a curved LG G4 boosted curved display-subtle 3000mm radius, after all, if a report out of the Korean mediascape is to be believed. Upon stating how the G4 will have to clash directly with the Galaxy S6, and going through the expected specs and design Rolodex, like a record F1.8 lens aperture, and a genuine leather back cover for the G4, the publication casually mentions that its screen is going to be curved, and even cites the exact curvature radius of 3000mm. LG already has midrangers with this subtle 3000mm curvature on the market, dubbed LG Magna and LG Spirit, so this speculation is utterly belivable.The LG G4 is expected to be officially announced on April 28th and makes several notable depatures from its predecessor. Most notably, the LG G4 will be available with leather cover backs (but also in plastic) and LG has profusely teased the device’s brand new f1.8 rear camera lens. It’s definitely one of the devices to watch this year, but we’ll have to see if it holds a torch to Samsung’s offering in the Galaxy S6.The LG G Flex 2 isn’t going to be LG‘s only curved smartphone this year. News has dropped that LG’s next flagship device, the LG G4, will in fact have a r3000 graded curve from top to bottom, which if I’m not mistake equates to a 3000mm radius curvature – for reference, the Flex 2 has a curvature of 700mm along the same axis. As you can probably guess, it’s a much less noticeable curve than on the Flex 2, but it’s there nonetheless and should subtly add to the feel of the LG G4 in the palm of your hand. This would also imply that the LG G4 will have a slightly curved display as well, which should also add to the usability of the screen.

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