Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Motorola Droid turbo comparison

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Motorola Droid turbo comparison

 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Motorola Droid turbo comparison: There is no 32GB motorola droid turbo with which to compare the Note 4, but the 64GB model costs 42,389INR which is quite low from 64GB Note 4 variant. The phone is already cheaper than the samsung note 4. That said, it’s Black Friday week, and samsung could have some good smartphone deals lined up this Friday – keep an eye on our Black Friday live blog for full details.Lets have a comparable look below in details  Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Motorola Droid turbo comparison specifications, price, comparison and pros and cons.

 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Motorola Droid turbo comparison

 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Motorola Droid turbo comparison

 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Motorola droid turbo
Screen Size 5.5 inch 5.2Â inch
Resolution   1440 x 2560 pixels   1440 x 2560 pixels
Pixel Density  515 ppi  565 ppi
OS Android android
Version  Android 4.4  Android 4.4
Up-Gradable  Up-gradable to 5.0  Up-gradable to 5.0
Processor 8-core, 1900 MHz, ARM Cortex-A57 and ARM Cortex-A53 Quad core, 2700 MHz, Krait 450
GPU Exynos Octa 7 Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 APQ8084
Front 3.7 MP 2.5Â MP
Rear  16 MP  20.7 MP
Features Back-illuminated sensor (BSI), Autofocus, Digital image stabilization, Optical image stabilization, Touch to focus, Manual focus, Face detection, Smile detection, Digital zoom, Geo tagging, Self-timer, Voice activation Autofocus, Touch to focus, Face detection, Smile detection, Digital zoom, Geo tagging
Internal  32 GB 64GB
External  upto 128 GB  NO
Wi-Fi  Yes  Yes
Bluetooth  Yes  Yes
NFC  Yes  Yes
USB Â Yes (Micro USB) Â Yes (Micro USB)
mAh 3200 mAh 3900Â mAh
Stand-By  30.7 days (737 hours) 41.7 days
Price  58,000 INR 43,000 INR

 Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Motorola Droid turbo comparison

motorola droid turbo vs samsung note 4 comparison

Design and Display:

The 5.65 x 2.89 x 0.44 inches , 176g droid turbo has more thickness as compared to samsung note 4 which has 6.04 x 3.09 x 0.33 inches. But some key factors such as price and the display and camera are also to be considered which  are detailed below.

Motorola Droid turbo  has addressed this with reachability. A double-tap of the Home button causes the top half of the Motorola Droid turbo 5.2 inch screen to slide down, bringing even the furthest elements within reach when used in one hand. Samsung’s Multi Window and pop-up window features can also be used in this respect, but you’re far more likely to use this phablet in two hands – particularly when used with the S Pen.

Samsung’s Note 4 also has a metal frame, but it’s obvious only at the edges. A flimsy faux-leather textured rear cover makes it feel a little cheap. On the plus side a removable rear panel makes for a removable battery, too.

The metal Droid turbo  has the better build quality. Its newly rounded edges and low weight make it feel more manageable in the hand and smaller than it actually is, although we don’t like the way its camera protrudes slightly at the rear.


The note 4 boosts up with 8-core, 2000 MHz, ARM Cortex-A57 and ARM Cortex-A53, 64-bit with a 3072 MB of RAM which is one of the fastest processors out there for mobile devices  fitted inside intending for an non affordable price tag and with respectable performance with the  Adreno 430 GPU .While the Droid turbo features a Quad core, 2700 MHz, Krait 450 with a GPU of Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 APQ8084. When we work on the phones then we found that the note 4 takes a lead in terms of processor speed as the droid turbo boosts up with the high performance intending octa core processor where the other one uses quad core processor. So the note 4 here again let us choose it  over droid turbo.


The 20.7 MP front  camera found on the droid turbo is almost identical to that of the moto X, except that it uses digital rather than optical image stabilisation. By comparison, the 16Mp Note 4 uses Smart OIS. Each has their plus points, with the droid turbo able to shoot time-lapse video and slow-mo at 240fps, and the Note 4 capable of 4K recording.

Photos taken by either device are sharp with good exposure and accurate colours.In terms of the front-facing camera we think Samsung has done the better job, with a 3.7Mp snapper with a Wide Selfie mode and the ability to shoot full-HD video. droid turbo’s video calling HD alternative is a 1.2Mp camera that shoots 720p HD video.


Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 has by far the bigger battery in this comparison, with a 3220mAh cell against droid turbo 3900mAh. While the note 4 could last a day with careful use, the droid turbo will last a day and then some.

Both phones are fast to charge, but the Note 4 faster, able to reach 50 percent in 30 minutes. Meanwhile, droid turbo gets to 50 percent in one hour.

The Note 4’s battery is removable, too, which will appeal to many users (we prefer to use a power bank). Samsung also offers an Ultra Power Saving mode, which longs out the last little bit of juice by switching off screen colors and inessential features.


Samsung takes back that lead in connectivity. droid turbo has finally added NFC to its phones, but only for online payers who use net banking, which right now isn’t of any use in the UK. The Note 4’s NFC is therefore of more use.

Both are 4G phones, with the droid turbo supporting more bands for roaming but the Note 4 theoretically faster with Cat 6 (up to 300Mb/s) rather than Cat 4 (up to 150Mb/s) 4G. The pair also support 802.11ac Wi-Fi (2×2 MIMO for Samsung), Bluetooth 4.0 (4.1 for the Note 4) and GPS. The Note 4 adds MHL, an IR blaster and Samsung’s Download Booster, which combines the power of 4G and Wi-Fi for faster downloads.

Both these smartphones have fingerprint scanners, but only the Samsung is sold with a built-in heart-rate monitor and UV sensor, and comes with an S Pen stylus.

Conclusion whether which one is the best:

The droid turbo features a machined aluminium body that wraps around the sides making for a 90 per cent metal finish. There will be many colors available: Black, and white. It’s a triumph of design, it looks stunning and feels sensational to hold.

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4 is a little pricier than the entry-level iPhone 6, but it works out better value when you take into account storage and the fact its price will quickly fall. It has a better screen, better connectivity options, better battery life, a better front camera and although it might not be as fast as the droid turbo, it’s certainly fast enough.

There are plenty of reasons to choose the droid turbo, though, including better build quality, faster performance and, as some people might argue, a better operating system.

Each phone has their unique characteristics, but it becomes abundantly clear that the droid turbo simply has more features. Shared features between the two phones include the IR blaster and microSD card slot, that’s all! In terms of exclusive features, the droid turbo boasts a finger print sensor, heart rate sensor, removable battery, and an S-Pen stylus – while the Note 4 has dual front-firing  Boom Sound speakers with Dolby Audio Surround support.The droid turbo offers a wider range of features and comes with great connectivity, a stunning display, plenty of power and a camera that performs well.Working on the latest operating system and with the usage of high speed processors will take hearts of android lovers.


As per price, the Samsung GAlaxy Note 4 is available at Rs 58,000 INR (priced too high)and the droid turbo available in India at a price tag of 43,000 INR.



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