Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications:Â Samsung, the company which has a separate space in the industry, a different stand in the market, a highly recommended product by all the android lovers, the hottest smartphones ever build, the most demanding gadgets and what not else. The company has achieved almost each and every award in the smartphone industry, by its technology, features, camera,tablets and everything one need in his/her phone, Samsung is there for all and you will find it in the new rumored Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications. The biggest award the company achieved is a special place and love in every bodies heart through its gadgets.

Samsung has rumored to launch s6 in the month of February 2015. S6 the device for which we are eagerly waiting and desperate to have one in our pocket. techiepocket was also curious to write about S6 but due to delay we could not write, but you have the detailing now on our site exclusively.

Galaxy S6 is rumored to be a device came from heaven. The features which are rumored to be in the device are extremely beyond our expectations and one could never think off in its dreams too which Samsung has already made it. techiepocket is a big fan of Samsung Galaxy S5 just because of its features, specifications and obviously a tag name of Samsung. We don’t stop talking about the phone and will never do. But the ranking of this phone is fair old way down the chart when it comes to our best rated mobiles.  The launch and the rumors of the this phone were set like a fire and all of us are very keen to know internal and external specifications of the phone. source

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications


Samsung Galaxy S6 would have the advantage or merit as it would be the first smartphone to use O-led which means a flexible display which would fit your pocket in any circumstances and this would eliminate the expenditure of screen or display breakage. And obviously a dashing thing to show off too. The phone is criticized by the people regarding its design and efficiency but we must tell you that this phone will be one of the most featured, fastest, efficient, optimized, technology perfect phone Samsung or any other company has ever seen or manufactured. The device has 5.5-inch display with the new border-less concept which is presently used by the LG for its smartphones. The screen has the most sensitive touch and we do not even need to touch the screen for working on this gadget. The device gives a full challenge to the iPhone 7 concept in almost every specification but till now there is no phone which leads Samsung to the top position. We expect the Samsung S6 to make him achieve this position. The device is said to be the slimmest phone ever launched yet now. Samsung is working hard to achieve its left over awards in the industry.


The company is always known for its processor,its working, efficiency and speed and performance. Company will break all the records in the processor listing top notches features by bringing the fastest processor ever launched. The S6 is fitted with the exynos 8000 octa-core snapdragon qualcomm 810-64 bit processor. Octa core is already present with 32 bit smartphones but with 64-bit we are expecting S6 to be launched. To be specific Snapdragon 810 uses octa-core 64-bit processors based on ARM Cortex-A57 and Cortex-A53 processors known for high performance or efficiency, GPU Qualcomm Adreno 430 which supports 4K displays and standard OpenGL ES 3.1, hardware tessellation and geometry shaders.

In nut shell the device would be a super computer in itself. The 4 GB RAM inbuilt would devastate the market as so much of RAM hasn’t being seen in any of the smartphone till now has not been rumored too with the upcoming devices. Also the on board 128 GB ROM as internal memory would be more than enough in a phone and there is no need of any external microSD slot. Who would require a SD card slot with this much of on-board memory.


The quality of the Samsung phones in terms of camera are never beaten nor will be beated in the quality Samsung provides in its camera. Even the iPhone is failed in front of its camera specifications and quality given by Samsung. the camera is inbuilt with 21-megapixel with Ultra HD display, that is more than a HD display. Writing about this phone is very difficult till you own it. techiepocket is curious to buy one,two or even three of the handset. The front snapper is more than 8-megapixel and it is also full HD for the selfies for which we are mad like nothing. We need sharper images, HD pics and memorable captures which could be possible with this smartphone. The shortcuts are on a display on the front screen when you power on the device. Its there at the right end corner for easy opening up of the application.

The device works on the android 5.0 lollipop which is the latest one and the device is said to have an update of rumored 5.1 android version too. The android 5.0 has not been properly launched and this device even consists of the 5.1 update. Isn’t it more than expectations! Wow Samsung, these things make us your biggest  fan on the earth. Till now there is no disadvantage or demerit of Samsung Galaxy S6 Specifications and would be very hard to find one as the phone will be blessed with top-notch features.


Also the battery backup for this device is rumored to be of more than 1 day with all the activated services of the 4G LTE and obvio 3G services. The device would work on most of the 3G services  and we could finally say a good bye to the 2G services. The S6 consists of 3300-3500 mAh battery with a stand by mode of more than a week and talk time of 15 hours with 3G services.


The other features include

  • double tap to top position from where we started,
  • open the message of the person you want to call and just place the phone on your left ear and the call mode will be enabled,
  • you can adjust the transition and animation time according to your need,
  • you can take a screen shot by just swiping your left palm to the right and your screen shot is there,
  • NFC that is near field communication.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Price

Samsung Galaxy S6 will be pre loaded with top-notch features and don’t expect the price to fit into the user’s budget. One has to pay heavily to be the owner of Samsung Galaxy S6 and will truely be mesmerized by the features it possesses. Samsung Galaxy S6 is expected to have a price tag of around Rs. 51000-55000 in India, $950 in US, $1050 in Australia, CNY5900 in China and 700 euros in UK.


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