Samsung Simband health tracker

Samsung Simband health tracker

Samsung Simband health tracker: Samsung is now looking forward to eliminate the bloods tests and reports that one we were used to go and stand in long queues for the tests and then show it to the doctors so that they could cure the disease in our reports which were abnormal. By introducing new Samsung Simband health tracker concept we do not need to be in a queue for the blood tests and we could directly visit our doctor by just showing the statistics by this new watch and further this would be easier for the doctor to even diagnose.Samsung introduced a new concept in smart watches by introducing its new Samsung Simband Health Tracker at the company’s 2014 developer conference.The Samsung Simband is a wearable loaded with health sensors that collect data like

  • your temperature
  • blood flow
  • EKG levels.
  • heart rate
  • blood pressure

Samsung Simband health tracker


While Samsung just introduced a slightly improved second generation of the device it’s not actually intended for sale. the new Samsung simband health tracker  is wearable with a rich bio metric sensor array and its supporting cloud platform that records your temperature and displays it, displays blood flow in our body and all the EKG levels which are necessary to be at normal for a better health and sustainability. Now the need of blood tests seems to be vanishing by the introduction of the new Samsung health tracker. Samsung has unveiled the second generation of Simband. It’s based on the gear S which the company unveiled before and it comes with the note3. but a main disadvantage after being launched of this Samsung Simband health tracker is that it  will not be sold commercially – instead it’s a development platform that developers can pre-order today. but this is a great news for the developers as now they can start  making their own health apps for Simband devices. Samsung Simband health tracker price is yet a rumor with no words about and will have to wait for Samsung Simband health tracker review till someone uses it.

Samsung Simband health tracker working:

The health tracker has six main functions. The first is Spot, a quick check of your heart rate,body temperature,EKG levels and blood pressure, then the more comprehensive Monitor, a real-time display of the sensor’s readings, and finally Trends, which shows all the data collected over time. Data is synced over Wi-Fi (the Simband doesn’t seem to have its own SIM slot like the Gear S.

Samsung Simband health tracker