Vivo Xshot3 Specifications


Vivo Xshot3 Specifications:– Recently Vivo has developed their new model Vivo X5Pro but this is not only the smartphone the Vivo has. Vivo is now going to released the specifications of its new flagship named as-Vivo Xshot 3.The company is working on Hi-Fi market differentiation. For grasping the attention of new generation of young internet it changes its focus to the integration of communication and media mix. Ofcourse the Vivo of Hi-Fi its not only refers to sound fidelity but also it signifies the excellent camera features. Vivo X shot3 teased out to be with the long battery life and its 2.5 D curved display. Its design is similar with its old flagship Vivo Xshot. With the name Vivo Xshot3 its seems that Vivo doesn’t like to name its devices with the even numbers. That why the device name to be called as the Vivo Xshot3 not the Xshot 2. Lets a have detailed view on  Vivo Xshot3 Specifications, Pros and cons, Specification Table and its price.

Vivo Xshot3 Specifications

Vivo Xshot3 Specifications

 Hardware  Specs
 Model  Vivo Xshot3
 Operating System  Android 5.0 Lollipop
 Processor Snapdragon 810 packs  Quad core ARM cortex A57@2GHz and Quad core ARM cortex A53 @1.5GHz
 RAM  4 GB
Internal Memory 64 GB
 Display  5.5-inch Full HD display
 Screen Resolution  1920 X 1080 pixels
 Camera  16-megapixel rear and 8-megapixel front camera
 Connectivity  Wi-Fi 802.11 and 4.0 v Bluetooth, GPS, 3G, 4G, LTE
Battery Unknown

Vivo Xshot3 Specifications


The device supports a 5.5 inch of display screen which is much larger than its predessor. Vivo Xshot3 has got the advantage or merit as it also supports 1920 X 1080 pixels which is sure indication that device will have a ultra clear display. With this much high resolution and with 5.5 large screen adds the cherry on the cake.In the images the phone has a similar camera design to the Vivo Xshot. But the change is on the left side rather than the center. An rounded alloy frame looks more comfortable and elegant look than the current Xshots and retains a physical shutter button. So here the Vivo Xshot3 Specifications takes our attention with its 2.5 D curved display which can be the only disadvantage or drawback of Vivo Xshot3 and the high intending camera feature. The exact battery capacity details have not revealed yet but yes this smartphone is said to be come with the long battery life.


Well the in terms of software reveals that is the preinstalled with the latest operating system. The device boosted with the Android 5.0 Lollipop. So this means that we don’t have to wait for the latest operating system.


Hardware is of the strong point in this phone, where under the hood the device supports Snapdragon 810 packs  Quad core ARM cortex A57@2GHz and Quad core ARM cortex A53 @1.5GHz along with Adreno 330 GPU. The device also supports 4 GB of RAM which will help you to run heavy apps smoothly and will make user experience better.Vivo Xshot3 preloaded with the internal storage of 64 GB and this can also be expendable with the externally micro sd card support.This is what we reveal about the hardware requirements from the Vivo Xshot3 Specifications.


Having a look at the Vivo Xshot3 Specifications one can easily make out that the device is made primilarly focused on camera. The phone supports 16 MP of rear camera with take 4160 X 3120 Pixels along with optical image stabilization OIS and laser autofocus camera with LED flash. The front camera is of 8 MP camera which will take care of all your fun and selfies.



Vivo Xshot3 price


Vivo Xshot3 Price

There is no news for the price it was just showcase of the phone. But we will come up with its price shortly.We can expect that its price would be similar to the Vivi Xshot. At this point of time the announcement Xshot 3 is not known for certain, but it is expected that it will be launched with Vico X5 Pro flagship that is going to be released in the month of May.

Vivo Xshot3 Pros and Cons


  • 4 GB RAM
  • 64 GB internal storage
  • 5.5 display size
  • 16 megapixel rear camera
  • 8 megapixel front snapper
  • 2.5 D curved display
  • packs with Quad core ARM cortex A57@2GHz and Quad core ARM cortex A53Â @1.5GHz
  • full HD display
  • works on latest operating system lollipop.


  • equipped with the 2.5 D glass covering not the 3D on which its predecessor had.



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