Android 5.1 Coming Soon

Android 5.1 coming soon

Android 5.1 Coming Soon :- I am sure if might not have a updated your phone to the latest Android in the market which is Android Lollipop 5.0 but Google is to revel the greatest build of Google’s open Source mobile OS. The new is set to release in the month of February.

Is there some reason for a sudden decimal jump? Well, yes this post will give a brief description on what are the up-gradation done to the upcoming OS to be launched. Lets have a look at the new features of the Android 5.1.

Android 5.1 coming soon

Android 5.1 coming soon :- Features

1) Silent Mode :- Surely a new app will be introduced in the drop down menu which help your phone to transform into a silent box. This particular thing was missed in the previous version.

2) Better System Stability :- There are some general improvement in system stability which is not reveled yet but will be update it as we know it. One thing is for sure that it will increase user-experience.

3) Improved RAM :- The new update has better RAM usage algorithm which will surely affect the battery consumption.

4) Fixed Sudden Closure of Apps:- Â Surely you might have encountered the sudden closure of apps and that might have caused a loss of data. The new update has tweaked and fixed it.

5) Battery Consumption Control :- Well, you all might know that most of the battery is consumed during the use of Wi-Fi, which is also been fixed. Get ready for a longer battery life.

Android 5.1 coming soon: Verdict

Let be make you clear this is just a rumor and we try to update you as soon we get the news. We don’t expect that Google will revel this new Android Soon. Thank you to our <source>for this post.

That would be all for the Android 5.1. coming soon.Â

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