Best new widgets


Best new widgets:-Android is still the undisputed king of widgets. Naturally, those who swear by Google and Android have tinkered with these; in the meantime, those heavily investing into customization are certainly always searching high and low for a new widget that will give a whole new flavor to their Android screens.So lets have a detailed look on the best new widgets which are hitting the top list again and again. Lets have a one by one look.

Best new widgets

Best new widgets

  • SweexSweex


Zooper Widgets is definitely one of the more appreciated by all those who like to customize their device, thanks to the rich set of widgets. However, if you are not interested in developing the skin to apply to your fist, you can take a look at Sweex , a new pack that includes over 40 different skins to be used in combination with Zooper Widget Pro. As you can see from some of the photographs, the style adopted by Sweex is very unique and colorful, with many different combinations to choose from that will satisfy everyone’s tastes.

Sweex is available on Play Store at a cost of 99 cents and, as mentioned above, requires the Pro version of Zooper Widget.



  • Â Art Clock Widget

 Art Clock Widget

Pixel Art Clock is a date and time widget for your Android home screen and a cool watchface for your Android Wear. Infinite differents combinations of customization.
* Android Wear watchface and smartphone widget
* You can change color (51 total)
* Decorate and themes with illustrations
* 24h/12h mode
* 2 different widgets (time and date)
* Ability to define the application that will run by clicking on the widget.
* You can now remove ads and support further development 🙂

How to:
If you got an Android Wear device (LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live, Moto360) , the watchface will be automatically installed on it, just select Pixel Art Clock in watchfaces list and enjoy.
Long press on any empty space on your home screen. Click on the widget menu then select Pixel Art Clock widget, this will place your widget on your Android home screen.
In ICS (or later) touch the All Apps icon of the Home screen. Touch Widgets at the top of the screen. Touch and hold the widget’s icon, then position the widget on the home screen, then release.


  • Â Month View

Month View

he calendar in Month Calendar Widget (MCW) is a home screen widget. The screen you’ll see when opening the app is not the calendar, it’s an introduction screen that tries to explain how to put the widget to work (more details below)
• MCW has been published here for more than 3 years. Its main purpose was always to provide a simple way to check dates on the home screen. It was never meant to be a calendar app to manage events. And it’s free, and will always be (this is a rule enforced by Google).
• Since many people asked for events management, I have published the Calendar Events extension (a paid app). The reason it’s a separate download is twofold: 1. People who want a lightweight calendar don’t get overwhelmed by features they don’t need 2. Making it a paid app helps me justify dedicating effort to continue publishing apps here in the Play Store
First of all, don’t try to “open” this calendar. It’s a home screen widget, widgets work right on the Android home screen after you place them there. This is the way clock and weather widgets work, for example.
The introduction screen has more information. Just tap the “Get started” button to learn more.



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