How to clear history of Google Maps

How to clear history of Google Maps

How to clear history of Google Maps :- Google map one the most used app around the globe, Google Maps is desktop and mobile application that provide satellite street view, street maps and also the planner for traveling on foot, car or using public transport. One of the coolest feature is you can share your location with your friends that might made it relatively easy to find someone.

How to clear history of Google Maps

In this post we will primarily focus on how to clear history of Google Maps, your app is getting slow or you to need to delete any route you have visited it might become handy but we will make it a cake walk for you all.

How to clear history of Google Maps : Steps

1) Open the Maps app, which can be easily found in the menu or you can make a easy search.

2) Now swipe the left edge and a swipe down menu will appear

3) Find the settings in that menu, it might at the last just above the help tab.

4)Open the Settings and 4th option would be Maps history tap on that.

5) The last but the most important step is to delete the desired history by tapping the x there.

6) Which will provide with a pop-up frame which will ask to to cancel or to delete. Tap delete.

7) That’s it we are done.

The above steps might help you and for a better visibility I have bold the words, these steps might get you out from really confused scenario where you might not like to share the places you have visited and many more.

I hope the post below must be helpful, that would be all for How to clear history of Google Maps till, if you have any problem regarding any of the step comment below and we will surely help you.



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