How to enable Safe Mode in Smartphone

How to enable Safe Mode in Smartphone

How to enable Safe Mode in Smartphone ? Does a smartphones has a safe mode, well till today I wasn’t aware of that fact. Sooner or later your smartphones will become lazy and will make some unpredictable hangs and switch off. This is something no user like. That happens due to multiple apps installed in the phone. Only few know about the safe mode in smartphone.

Well, just a quick tip there are multiple app that assure you to boost up the Ram and I have used many of them but the one that really helped me is the “Extra Ram Downloader”. Ok just a simple question what would you do if your seems to lag and show some unnatural elements. The simple way is to Reboot your phone and wait for the app not show the same deadlock but if it does the same and it is not easy to find the app that is actually affecting the phone.How to enable Safe Mode in Smartphone

What are the advantages of Safe Mode?

Surely your device is slow due to the third party apps installed, what if cut in the middle and donot let and third party to run. Yes, it the solution and one the most favorable troubleshooting technique but know to few people. Well as there are different combinations to go to boot mode same is with the safe mode of the devices.

How to enable Safe Mode in Smartphone

Well as told before that it depends upon different handset have different combinations. I try with my phone and most of the phone to which I can puts my hands on.

Steps to enable safe mode

1) Close all the apps so that it may free some memory in the RAM

2) Hold the power button which will pop up  the turn on off and restart menu.

3) Hold the power off option for 3 Second then the Safe mode option will appear.

For LG , HTC and Nokia X phones have different combination for that.

1) Switch off the phone

2) Hold the volume down button as soon as the Manufacturer logo appears.

3) You will enter into safe mode.


After you are done fixing the errors you can restart your phone and use the phone normally. You will surely experience a better phone.

That would be all How to enable Safe Mode in Smartphone.

So go on an find you safe mode combination and if you found of your. Please comment below the combination along with the handset name so that it can be helpful for other.

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