Apple Watch Letterpad

Apple Watch Letterpad

Apple Watch Letterpad :- Hello everyone, Apple watch is not out yet but the features and the games are on the run. Today the very first game was introduced to the world named Letterpad. The watch is to be excpeted to launch on march of this year. With the specification, price and availability still a mystery and more it a product a Apple which get on the nerved of all individuals.

Along with the specifications of the watch Apple seems to be working on the games and interface of the product because the small screen should be capable to show the whole world. Take that into consideration Apple has reveled there first game which will be seem on the wrist soon. The game is has quite a simple GUI which can easily kill lot of your time. Which would be fun and we wish to seem more such games in future.

Apple Watch Letterpad

Apple Watch LetterPad

You all must be aware about the screen size of the screen which is 1.5 inch of screen, so the developers has to cut those inched and develop a game which fits in the particular size.

So Apple launched this game which has 3 x 3 Grid which is moreover a puzzle game over 200 puzzles are the per-loaded for the user to crack and one additional feature is you can make your own puzzle and send to you friends or anyone to solve them.

Yes, Apple products gets on our nerves but the mystery is there is no news about the price, launch and availability of the product nor the game which is to be launched but the buzz states about the launch in Early March this year. We assure you to keep you updates not only to the Apple products but to all the smartphones and device that will be launched ASAP.

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