Pou for Windows Phone

pou for windows phone

Pou for Windows Phone :- Pou after making the impression on BlackBerry, Android and iOS. Pou is had arrived to Windows. For all those who are not familiar with the game let me help you with it.

The game provides you with a virtual pet where you need to take care of the pet, feed it, clean it and play games with. You also need to take care of that the pet takes enough sleep and moreover all the stuff you do with the real pet.

Having a look at the Pou it is a alien character it resembles a triangular potato it is somewhat similar to Tamagotchi.

A Video that would make you understand with the help of visual

Pou for Windows Phone

Pou has recently added some new features which include some mini games and earn coins in order to make a better looking pou. The things you can up-grade are the clothing and fashion accessories which will allow you to customize the app the way you want it to.

You can interact with your friends pou through pou vs pou which is the mini game that has been introduced lately all you need is the Wi-Fi, Internet or Bluetooth connectivity all you need to a connection.

pou for windows phone

Developers are giving away 1500 Coins on the eve of New Year. Pou alone on Android has hit 100 million downloads and now the Pou for Windows Phone will be soon be launched. That would be all for the Pou and will let you know about the exact day and provide the link for the same.

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