Whatsapp Plus


Whatsapp Plus:-  Whatsapp has replaced traditional  way of SMS and other messaging services. WhatsApp make messaging even more fun than it already is. You can imagine the popularity of Whatsapp by the fact that it had once shaken the throne of social networking giant Facebook and then Facebook buy Whtasapp for $19 billion. No doubt that Whatsapp is one of the most popular and most downloaded applications. However some user always has some issues with whatapp first with its last seen and then with its Blue ticks feature. Some users says that these features hurt privacy. If you wants more privacy then you should try Whatsapp Plus.Â

Whatsapp Plus

Whatsapp Plus

If Whatsapp is one of the best instant messaging app and provide some amazing features then why you should use Whatsapp Plus the answer for this is quite simple it offers more privacy and amazing features. Whatsapp has become a essential part of our life what imagine that if it is possible to customize some of its aspects like your favorite colors from a color pellet, decorating the background. Whatsapp is app owned by whatsapp inc  with improved functionality and more features. Some of the features of Whatsapp Plus are

More privacy: Whatsapp Plus offer more privacy then simple whatsapp. Just like whatsapp’s last seen and Blue ticks some people feels that that online status hurt there privacy. In Whatsapp Plus you can remove that online status too and even you can disable double ticks too which symbolize that the message is delivered to the receiver’s phone.


Image Quality: Main disadvantage of Whatsapp is its poor image quality it compress image to reduce its size and result in poor image quality. But Whatsapp Plus  allow you to send image with its original size and quality.

Media Sharing: Media sharing is always an advantage of Whatsapp but Whatsapp Plus enhance this feature in old Whatsapp you can only send file up to 12 MB long whereas in  Whatsapp Plus you can send file up to 50 MB.

Themes and Interface: Whatsapp Plusallows you to renovate appearance of your chat screen main screen and contact icon. If you want enhance your boring whatsapp backgroung then Whatsapp Plus allow to  download and change theme of you whatsapp.

Location:Â Whatsapp Plus allow you to send your location to your contacts so you can inform your your friends and family when ever you move to a new location.

Whatsapp Plus

Downloading Whatsapp Plus

Whatsapp Plus is free to download but you can’t download it from Google Play Store as it was removed from there due to some reasons so you have to search for Whatsapp Plus 6.65 download it and install it is oabout 16 MB.