How to get Whatsapp calling feature

WhatsApp calling

How to get WhatsApp calling feature:

Billion dollar instant messaging app WhatsApp have failed traditional way of SMSing and messaging. WhatsApp make messaging even more fun than it already is. Whatsapp is one of the best and one pf the popular messaging app which has now failed traditional SMSing via phone.  WhatsApp is the biggest instant messaging app in the world, with 700 million active users. WhatsApp is now expected to launch calling feature and we can expect same result with its calling feature as well. WhatsApp’s calling feature is currently under testing phase. Calling feature enable you to call your friends from WhatsApp app and you won’t have to pay for calling charge you only have to pay data charge for call where ever you are calling.

WhatsApp calling

How to get WhatsApp calling feature

Calling feature is alredy available in many apps offring voive caliing services like skype, viber etc. The voice calling feature will bring WhatsApp in direct ccompetition with apps like WeChat, Viber and Line that already allow users to make calls and send messages. It’s possible that WhatsApp may have set a limit to the number of users one could invite or is only allowing a limited set of users at this time to test its networks. You can get the voice calling feature activated on our Android phone after receiving a WhatsApp call. you can call via WhatsApp to other Android smartphone and Blackberry phone. This feature is not currently available for Windows and iOS users.

WhatsApp calling

How to get WhatsApp calling feature

Now the important part How to get WhatsApp calling feature to get calling feature in WhatsApp you must have a smartphone which operates on latest version of android which is Android 5.0 lollipop if you have it then follow these steps:

  1. Firstly you have to uninstall WhatsApp application.
  2. Now, go to and download .apk file of latest version of WhatsApp.
  3. Install latest version of WhatsApp you just downloaded.
  4. Now you need to find someone who has already got the WhatsApp calling feature and ask the person who already has the WhatsApp feature activated to give you a WhatsApp call.
  5. Once you get the call, the same feature will also get activated on your phone. It will show different tabs for chats and calls.



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