Top 5 android apps


Top 5 android apps:  Android Operating System has seen a cosmic change in the versions launched for the smart phones. Jelly bean, gingerbeard, ice cream sandwich, the most important kitkat and the newest version-lollipop are amongst the names of the versions which are launched by the android operating system. So lets have a detailed look on the Top 5 android apps which are hitting the top list again and again. Lets have a one by one look.

Top 5 android apps

  • Hotel My Phone

Hotel My Phone
As the technology is changing  vastly it makes our life more easier than the earlier people live.This application has changed the people life as it let the people tension free ,not thinking about usage of battery while working on android smartphones.Hotel My Phone lets you provisionary borrow a friend’s phone & use it as your own.You have to download the app with your closest friends. Next time your battery dies or you forget it, simply borrow a friend’s phone and log-in with your profile. You’ll temporarily access to your contacts, messages and even call with your number. When you’re done, log-out permanently, with peace of mind that all your information has been removed.Hotel my Phone is the only peer-to-peer phone sharing solution, that lets you Text & Call with your regular number from a friend’s phone, when you forget your phone or your battery is dead.

Some of the app features of the app are:-

Call & Text from a Friend’s Phone

You have to Temporarily log-in on your friend’s phone to Text & Call with your number. Instantly see your own phone contacts, send/receive your text messages and make phone calls all with your regular phone number. Even send SMS when your phone is dead, from any number.

Free Unlimited Check-Ins

Make sure, you and your close friends install the app, to benefit from free unlimited hotel check-ins on each others’ phones. The more friends join, the more you benefit from the ability to temporarily log-in on their phone, when needed. Earn more stars, as your friends join!

Temporarily Log-in On a Friend’s Phone

Peer-to-Peer phone sharing is a completely new concept that can save you when you are stuck without access to your phone. Install the app on your phone & ask your closest friends/family to do the same, and benefit when:

Free Messaging with Friends

Hotel My Phone also lets you send/receive free messages with friends, in the app, when logged-in on your phone or as guest on a friend’s phone. This means, you can always message your close friends and family in Hotel my Phone! Stay in constant contact with your best friends now that you are all on Hotel My Phone you’ll never miss a message.


  • FlashChat



Android app is a beautiful, powerful but easy multi-user video chat app.This app has more powerful and useful having more features than other video calling aps like WeChat and so on. The mobile app is an efficient marketing tool for the chat room owner to promote the chat room to the millions of users, meanwhile, the chat users may explore thousands of video chat rooms with it, and never miss any fun. With it you may explore thousands of video chat rooms.Flashchat lets you start a collective chat with people using the same Wi-Fi connection. It becomes pretty handy when your group of friends share the same Wi-Fi on campus.

Nice UI
Easy and user-friendly
Take a picture or select one from your album to send it to the chat lobby or a specific person
Small icons in the user list to indicate chat users with video or audio
Video user list
Private chat
Members have the ability to add friends, and a friends/buddies list, while guests don’t have it
Edit one’s own profile
Check other user’s profile
Block annoying user
Change status (available, busy, away)
Enter a chat room ID to access any specific chat room
Message control, sounds control

  • Â Shou.TV


Shou.TVÂ is the original Most rated android apps and most polished customizable launcher for modern Android. Shou.TV is an amazing community for Android and iOS gamers to broadcast, watch, chat and discover new friends and awesome games anytime, anywhere. Shou.TV lets NO ROOT Android 5.0 Lollipop (5.0 internal audio need ROOT) and ROOT 4.x Jelly Bean users to broadcast their gaming experience directly from the Android phones or tablets. And it’s absolutely FREE. Shou.TV is also the best ever free screen recorder for Android devices, without ads.You can even mirror your Android screen to Apple TV and web browser with Shou.TV. Currently Lollipop doesn’t support internal audio recording without root. So record internal audio need root access.
Compared to Rec. (Screen Recorder) and SCR Screen Recorder, Shou is
1. Free
2. Unlimited time and size
3. No ads
4. No watermark
5. Stable system API and hardware accelerated rendering and encoding
6. Android Lollipop 5.0 support no root screen recording

  • SnoopSnitch

As with the improvement of technology it lets us to circle up with the cyber crimes.Cyber crimes have reached the top list of crimes which have been there in our country for several years.SnoopSnitch collects and analyzes mobile radio data to make you aware of your mobile network security and to warn you about threats like fake base stations (IMSI catchers), user tracking, and SS7 attacks.To use SnoopSnitch, a rooted device with a Qualcomm chipset running stock Android 4.1 or higher is required. Unfortunately, custom ROMs are often unsupported at the moment as they can lack necessary proprietary drivers.
This application uses data contributed by other users. By choosing to upload your measurement results or security events, you can help improve this data base and support future research.SnoopSnitch will ask for confirmation whenever any of your information is uploaded to our servers. All uploads are encrypted. Note that uploaded radio traces may contain private information as a side-effect.

  • Appy Geek

Appy Geek
Appy Geek delivers breaking tech news including mobile, gadgets, wearables, video games, product information, science, art, and geek culture.
• Visual: Get the latest breaking headlines from your favorite topics in a highly visual format.
• Smart: Appy Geek learns as you read, personalizing your news experience automatically.
• In the know: My News Digest is your daily news briefing built around YOU.
• Complete: We bring you complete articles with full text, photos and videos from trusted sources.
• Yours: Choose from over 1 million topics for a custom home screen and news experience.
• In-depth: Explore related topics via Tag Nav™, our innovative news navigation system.
• Customizable: Add custom RSS newsfeeds from your favorite websites.
Featuring all the best technology publications on the planet, including TechCrunch, CNET, Engadget, The Verge, BGR and many more.Appy Geek is available in 10 regional editions – USA, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, LatAm, China, Mexico and International.



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